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State: United States of America  /  Continent: North America  /  Era: current

United States of America flag
English name: United States of America  |  1776
Formal name:United States of America
Original name:United States of America
Last update: 2013-03-11  |  Version: 1.0  |  Graphic designer: Pavel Močoch

english name U.S. Coast Guard

original name United States Coast Guard

insigniashoulder insignia

Chief Petty Officer Senior Chief Petty Officer Master Chief Petty Officer Command Master Chief Petty Officer
soft shoulder board, blue sweater soft shoulder board, white shirt
Chief Warrant Officer 2 Chief Warrant Officer 3 Chief Warrant Officer 4
Boatswain Aviation Ordnance Aviation Maintenance
Ensign Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant
soft shoulder board, white shirt
Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain
Rear Admiral Lower Half Rear Admiral Upper Half Vice Admiral Admiral
soft shoulder board, blue sweater