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State: Denmark  /  Continent: Europa  /  Era: current

Denmark flag
English name: Denmark  |  since 1945 (1849-1940)
Formal name:Kingdom of Denmark
Original name:Kongeriget Danmark
Last update: 2014-02-22  |  Version: 1.0  |  Graphic designer: Mario Sitek

english name Royal Danish Army

original name Hæren

date1922 - 1940

Konstabel Korporal
Privates First Class Corporal
Sergent Oversergent Cornet
Sergeant Staff Sergeant Ensign
Infantry Cavalry Pioneer
Officiant Officiant 1.Grad Senior Officiant Corps Officiant
Officiant First Officiant Senior Officiant Corps Officiant
Cavalry Pioneer Cavalry Infantry
Secondelojnant Lojnant af Reserven Premierlojnant
Seconde Lieutenant Lieutenant of the Reserve First Lieutenant
Infantry pioneer Cavalry
Kaptajnlojnant Kaptajn Oberstlojnant Oberst
Seconde Captain Captain Lieutenant Colonel Colonel
Infantry Artillery Infantry Infantry
Generalmajor Generallojnant General
General Major Lieutenant General General