State: Morocco  /  Continent: Africa  /  Era: current

Morocco flag
English name: Morocco  |  1956
Formal name:Kingdom of Morocco
Original name:المملكة المغربية
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english name Royal Moroccan Armed Forces

original name القوات المسلحة الملكية

no insignia
Soldat de deuxième classe Soldat de premiére classe Caporal Caporal-Chef
Private 2nd Class Private First Class Corporal Master Corporal
service dress field dress service dress
Sergent Sergent-Chef Sergent-Major
Sergeant Sergeant First Class Sergeant Major
service dress service dress field dress
Adjudant Adjudant-Chef Sous-Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant
Warrant Officer Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Lieutenant Lieutenant
service dress field dress parade dress - signals parade dress - artillery
Capitaine Commandant Lieutenant Colonel Colonel
Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel
parade dress - armor, cavalry parade dress - military justice field dress parade dress - military police
Colonel Major General de Brigade General de Division General de Corps D´Armee
Brigadier Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General
service dress field dress parade dress - signal corps parade dress - engineers
General d´Armee Marechal
General General of The Army
field dress parade dress