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State: Norway  /  Continent: Europa  /  Era: current

Norway flag
English name: Norway  |  1905
Formal name:Kingdom of Norway
Original name:Kongeriket Norge
Last update: 2013-03-10  |  Version: 1.0  |  Graphic designer: Pavel Močoch

english name Norwegian Police Service

original name Politi

insigniadress insignia

Politireserven 1. års student ved Politihøgskolen 2. års student ved Politihøgskolen 3. års student ved Politihøgskolen
Police Reserve Police Academy Student, 1st. year Police Academy Student, 2nd. year Police Academy Student, 3rd. year
Politibetjent 1 Politibetjent 2 Politibetjent 3
Police Constable Police Sergeant Police Inspector
Politiførstebetjent, Sysselmannsførstebetjent Politioverbetjent Politistasjonssjef Politioverbetjent, Sysselmannsoverbetjent, Lensmann
Police Chief Inspector Police Superintendant Station Chief Superintendant
Politifullmektig Politiadvokat Politiinspektør, Politiadvokat, Assisterende sysselmann
Junior Police Prosecutor Police Prosecutor Assistant Chief of Police
Visepolitimester Politimester Assisterende politidirektør Politidirektør
Deputy Chief of Police Chief of Police Deputy National Police Commissioner National Police Commissioner