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It would also appear that the ones used between 1979-1996 might have tried to keep some sort of equivalency with those worn in quebec by fire brigades and ambulance services: ...
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I'm wondering what would be the best way to carry over datas. For one thing, I'd rather not copy over images without the permission of their graphic designer. I guess we could redo the images when feasible and give a "source" credit. We could try to reach to people and simply encourage them to transfer their own image at their own pace or maybe set ourselves some sort of weekly challenge as encouragement. ex: "this week is abu dabhi week" or "this week is police insignias week"...
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I am always in favour of large, elephantiac and cumbersome organizations. In case there are several, city-level organizations, ranks may be kept, with some modifications: - E-7A would disappear; - O-7 to O-10 would disappear; - O-10A would be transformed in the head of the government agency tasked to coordinate the organizations in case of large-scale operations; - O-7 rank insignia would be proper of O-6....
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Cool depiction...
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