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Yes, I suspect you are correct — there are far, far bigger things to fix than rowing back on the establishment of the USSF. It’s something of a done-deal now and will likely cost as much to undo as to proceed and, in fairness, something like this was probably going to happen at some point in the future anyway. I was aware that the “naval ranks” concept had been floated in the Hill and subsequently adopted by the House but I wasn’t aware that it had some popularity amongst the troops. I wonder if there’ll be some push-back to try to retain USAF/Army-style tank titles or if Gen. Raymond will just roll with it and accept the idea? It does have some merits... I’ve had another look at their new “logo” and I’m still not convinced by it. It’s too fussy to be just a simplified version of the basic Delta but lacks a real connection to the other established USSF symbols. They would have been better sticking with the Delta on the Globe background (likely with the Orbit component, although it would have worked without). Consistent use of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor has given the USMC a strong and lasting symbol that follows through from seal and flag to uniforms and even online presence. Sure, there would be further Star Trek jokes but that’s gonna happen pretty much whatever they do, especially if they adopt Naval ranks — ignore the jibes, weather that storm and in a few years it’ll just become the accepted norm. I guess the question, from the point of view of our particular interest group, is whether they feel that use of Naval titles really requires the use of Naval-style cuff lace and shoulder-boards for officers, alongside the Army-style collar pins. I can imagine a service dress that looks something like the USN tan service dress from WW2 (the style they considered re-introducing a few years back) but in black with white or silver-grey shirts. That way they could have Naval-style officer stripes for formal wear but keep them to just the shoulder-boards rather than full sleeve stripes. Presumably they would still then keep the standard metal officer pins for shirt collars (or the embroidered equivalent for working dress). It seems pretty likely that any bullion components such as officer lace stripes and the visor decoration for the senior officer formal covers will be silver (or “platinum” in their terminology), against a black background. I wonder how much they’ve had to go back to the drawing board with their plans for uniforms and insignia because of the moves on the Hill towards Naval rank titles, and how much that will delay publication of the final options...?!...
Medic_in_Uniform > 12-August-2020 13:05:12

ČSA - Czechoslovak Airlines and State aviation administration: Uniforms and ranks: since 1956: 1956-1958 http://www.yirina.net/fotky_ostatni/2018_10_CSA/1956_1958/1956_1958.htm 1959-1961: http://www.yirina.net/fotky_ostatni/2018_10_CSA/1959_1961/1959_1961.htm 1961-1965 http://www.yirina.net/fotky_ostatni/2018_10_CSA/1961_1965/1961_1965.htm 1965-1969 http://www.yirina.net/fotky_ostatni/2018_10_CSA/1965_1969/1965_1969.htm 1969-1973 http://www.yirina.net/fotky_ostatni/2018_10_CSA/1969_1973/1969_1973.htm 1974-1977 http://www.yirina.net/fotky_ostatni/2018_10_CSA/1973_1977/1973_1977.htm 1977-1983: http://www.yirina.net/fotky_ostatni/2018_10_CSA/1977_1983/1977_1983.htm 1945-1956 http://www.yirina.net/fotky_ostatni/2018_10_CSA/1946_1956/1946_1956.htm 1937-1939 http://www.yirina.net/fotky_ostatni/2018_10_CSA/1937_1939/1937_1939.htm...
Pavel Simandl > 8-August-2020 16:35:08

AMERICA - LAW ENFORCEMENT BRANCH & RANK INSIGNIA Policía de Investigaciones de Chile (1)
Since 2017 there is rank insignia. Yes Rank Insignia for the PDI ...
sketor7558 > 4-August-2020 4:55:04

AFRICA - MILITARY BRANCH & RANK INSIGNIA Ethiopia (1975-1991) Communist Army (4)
Interesting, though I surmise these were from Haile Selassie's era, not the Derg period. Due to Ethiopia using a different calendar. However, I don't know if they are prototypes. I want to ask the source....
general_tiu > 31-July-2020 23:52:31