State: Colombia  /  Continent: South America  /  Era: current

Colombia flag
English name: Colombia  |  1810
Formal name:Republic of Colombia
Original name:República de Colombia
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english name National Army of Colombia

original name Ejército Nacional de Colombia

Dragonenate Soldado Distinguido Cabo Tercero Cabo Segundo Cabo Primero
Basic Private Private Corporal 3rd Class Corporal 2nd Class Corporal 1st Class
Sargento Segundo Sargento Vice Primero Sargento Primero Sargento Mayor
Sergeant Staff Sergeant Master Sergeant Sergeant Major
Subteniente Teniente Capitán
2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Captain
Mayor Teniente Coronel Coronel
Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel
Brigadier General Mayor General General
Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General