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State: Germany 1919-1933 (German Reich-Weimar Republic)  /  Continent: Europa  /  Era: former

Germany 1919-1933 (German Reich-Weimar Republic) flag
English name: Germany 1919-1933 (German Reich-Weimar Republic)  |  1919–1933
Formal name:Weimar Republic
Original name:Deutsches Reich - Weimarer Republik
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english name Steel Helmet

original name Stahlhelm

date1918 - 1933

Stahlhelm - a German paramilitary organization, created in November 1918 by F.Seldte in order to fight socialist and communist movement in post-WWI Germany. From 1925 the organization´s main objective, together with the nationalist Deutschnationale Volkspartei (DNVP) and NSDAP, was overthrowing the Government of the Weimar Republic. In 1933 Stahlhelm was partially incorporated into the Sturmabteilungen (SA).
Oberwehrmann Stabswehrmann
Private 1st Class Staff Private
collar insignia sleeve insignia collar insignia sleeve insignia
Gruppenführer Feldmeister Oberfeldmeister
Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant
Zugführer Oberzugführer Kompanieführer
2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Captain
Battaillonsführer Stabsführer Regimentsführer
Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel
Brigadeführer Divisionsführer Obergruppenführer
Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General
Bundeshauptmann Bundesführer
General Commander-in-Chief